Day 3 – The dry desert

Today as I explored the Unova region I was somewhere in the desert. Lots of sandstorms here so most of my Pokemon get hurt by them. The desert is pretty big and doesn’t have much in it other than some ruins and a lot of trainers to battle.

Desert Nurse

Can you heal me?

As I was battling wild Pokemon and also trainers my Pokemon were fainting quite fast. Luckily there is a nurse at the front of the desert who will heal your Pokemon. I finally decided to go to the ruins and see what I could find is there. There was not much other than some trainers and some annoying Pokemon. After doing all of this I finally decided to stop while I was inside the ruins.

Kissimmee Battle Road

The night before the tournament we were attempting to find the cards that we needed for our decks

Okay so going to the tournament we had to meet at the same gas station we always do when we take our friends with us. So we get there and then we get them and we leave for the tournament in Kissimmee. On the way there I reach into my bag to get out the sleeves I brought with me so I could resleeve. I open them and realize that I had used the sleeves before. So I had to buy some at the card shop it was being held in.
I turned in my decklist and then sit down and resleeve. Since we didn’t have the cards for my dad’s deck we had to ask around and finally got them. So he could play after all. Continue reading

Finally!! My Worlds Report

Okay as you know the only reason that I got to this tournament is because you guys helped me out. Otherwise I would not have made it so thanks a million. Really I just can not thank everyone enough!

HI Lava

Hawaii is not as green as you think, at least Kona is not.

So we got up that morning and left to go to the hotel for the tournament really early. The road was pretty straight and it took us about an hour to get to the Hilton Resort. Once we got there I did early registration and since we were about an hour and a half early we found some of our friends and started talking to them.

Then the opening ceremonies started and we went into the main room. The video that they showed was so loud that it made the room rumble and many people cover their ears. So after that the rosters were up and then the pairings. So here is what it was like: Continue reading


I would like to thank everybody for their generosity and for sponsoring me. Right now I am at the airport waiting for my flight. Without everybodys help I would not have made it to Hawaii.

I did not want to do it this way but it worked so… I will be writing updates on how I’m doing at the tournament also.

It doesn’t really matter if I win or lose I got there but I don’t know how I’ll do but at least keep the spirit of the game. 

I would like to thank my brother Tristan for his sacrafice and without it I wouldn’t have been able to make it.

Lastly I would like to thank Tampa International Airport (TIA) for being so nice and actually having free WiFi unlike the other airports we will be going to. 

Thanks everybody!


Another Day

Really sorry for not posting I’ve been a little behind on my schoolwork because I started early. So I’m about halfway to the goal which is pretty cool but still need that other half.

The other day I had to get a physical for scout camp and the person who did it found that I had an irregular heartbeat. So on Tuesday I had to go to a cardiologist and I had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours and gave it back to them yesterday.

Having that thing on was so itchy because they taped it to me and I couldn’t take a shower or anything.

Anyway sorry about that.


Friday working

I meant to post yesterday, but was too busy trying to get some sponsors from local places. No luck.

Also my older brother left for camp and we had to run around for that.

I also sent out more emails than I can count to local places. I got a few replies, the majority were negative. Though 2 were positive that they would see if they could help.

Tomorrow we have a league we go to, I am going to ask the shop if they will sponsor me, there is another shop just down the road we will go to as well.

The league that my dad runs meets in the library, so obviously that is not helpful.

I got a letter from my old school’s principal, I got a perfect score on the FCAT Reading portion, which is nice.

This school year I am doing Florida Virtual school, regretfully I started early and have been doing assignments as well this week. Not sure why, but my teacher has been making submit multiple assignments every day.

Thanks again everyone for your support!

My favorite Deck

The first deck that I actually did well with was a Magmortar / Heatran deck. It was probably my favorite deck I’ve ever used because it was fun to play and if I could get setup then I could just crush my opponent. I stopped using it because it was too slow and couldn’t keep up with the new cards that were coming out. Unfortunately that is the way things are now. A certain deck will be really good and winning tournaments left and right but then another set of cards will come out and then that deck will be almost unusable.

I like to use many different decks and use a different one at almost every tournament I go to. This gives me an advantage sometimes because people will think that I will use this deck but I’ll use another. If you switch out decks after every tournament then you will probably do better but then again you might not. It all depends if your opponent has a deck that is good against yours or not or it might be an even matchup. Basically it all depends on luck.

What deck would I use in Worlds?

Lots of the decks that win tournaments are decks that are constantly used and too many people use them.

That is why I like to use decks that are different than all the rest.

I will use a deck that either nobody uses or I will use a deck that is quite common but make a lot of changes to it. Sometimes the decks that I use surprise people because nobody ever uses that deck.

At almost every tournament I go to I use a different deck. It is good to have variety because people won’t be expecting some decks and lose because of it.If I manage to raise enough money to go to Hawaii I already know what deck I would like to use and might use that deck.

Why am I doing this site?

My name is Faron Whitelock and I have just started doing this website. The reason I’m doing this site is because I’m trying to get to the PokémonWorld Championships in Hawaii.

I got an invitation to go there for coming in sixth in the United States Nationals. So hopefully I can get enough money raised to get to Hawaii. Next year I don’t know if I will get the invitation to go to the World Tournament and I will be in a different age division and it is even harder. That is why I want to get to worlds this year.