Another Day

Really sorry for not posting I’ve been a little behind on my schoolwork because I started early. So I’m about halfway to the goal which is pretty cool but still need that other half.

The other day I had to get a physical for scout camp and the person who did it found that I had an irregular heartbeat. So on Tuesday I had to go to a cardiologist and I had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours and gave it back to them yesterday.

Having that thing on was so itchy because they taped it to me and I couldn’t take a shower or anything.

Anyway sorry about that.


My favorite Deck

The first deck that I actually did well with was a Magmortar / Heatran deck. It was probably my favorite deck I’ve ever used because it was fun to play and if I could get setup then I could just crush my opponent. I stopped using it because it was too slow and couldn’t keep up with the new cards that were coming out. Unfortunately that is the way things are now. A certain deck will be really good and winning tournaments left and right but then another set of cards will come out and then that deck will be almost unusable.

I like to use many different decks and use a different one at almost every tournament I go to. This gives me an advantage sometimes because people will think that I will use this deck but I’ll use another. If you switch out decks after every tournament then you will probably do better but then again you might not. It all depends if your opponent has a deck that is good against yours or not or it might be an even matchup. Basically it all depends on luck.

Hi my name is Faron.

Hi my name is Faron Whitelock and I’m 11 Years old.

The reason I’m writing this is because I am trying to get to the Pokémon World Championship which is in Hawaii this year. You may think that it will be all daisies and roses and such a relaxing vacation. Well I’ve got news for you it won’t be.

The reason I play Pokémon is because I think that it is a very challenging game and you get to meet lots of new people and the game is a lot of fun. So far I have won the Georgia State Championship, I came in second in the Florida State Championship, I won Florida regional’s, and I came in Sixth at the United States National Tournament.