Calling local radio stations

It sucked calling the radio stations this morning because they said to email them.

They also were kind of jerks on the phone. I didn’t exactly enjoy getting rejected either.

After calling them I was kind of mad so I went and started playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii. I was playing the cpu and got a little bored thrashing it every game so I am writing letters, at least if they throw my letter in the garbage I won’t be there.

I think that the radio stations could’ve been a little bit nicer at least. They didn’t even let me finish what I was going to say.  I get it, I am 11, no reason to be rude to me.

4 thoughts on “Calling local radio stations

  1. That stinks that the radio stations wouldn’t talk to you, that’s a real bummer. I think that’s really good that you’re trying stuff like that, hopefully something works out.

    Maybe you could get a story in the local newspaper? Make a press release and send it out to a bunch of places, maybe somebody will pick up your story.

    • Yeah I sent an email to a reporter for the Tampa Tribune and she said that they couldn’t help me. I’m going to call some small newspapers tomorrow to see if I can get anything that way. I hope it works!

  2. Hey Faron, Just a suggestion From your friend Willie: I met some kids from the Bronx,NY when I was at yu-gi-oh Nationals last week. they got there ( Minn) by being sponsered by local hobby league stores . hope that helps. I would like to donate 20$ to you. I can’t use credit card or pay pal. can I send it to your home? please give me your adress so I can mail it to you asap. Your friend Willie

    • Oh hey Willie, long time no see or long time no talk to? Anyway I think that’s a good idea to ask the card shops /hobby stores.

      My dad will send your mom a message on Facebook with our address. Thanks!

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