Kissimmee Battle Road

The night before the tournament we were attempting to find the cards that we needed for our decks

Okay so going to the tournament we had to meet at the same gas station we always do when we take our friends with us. So we get there and then we get them and we leave for the tournament in Kissimmee. On the way there I reach into my bag to get out the sleeves I brought with me so I could resleeve. I open them and realize that I had used the sleeves before. So I had to buy some at the card shop it was being held in.
I turned in my decklist and then sit down and resleeve. Since we didn’t have the cards for my dad’s deck we had to ask around and finally got them. So he could play after all.

Round 1
So of course I get a bad start. What a nice way to start off the tournament lol.  So by turn 2 he had out a RR Leafeon. I had nothing so he started knocking out my pokemon. I had to rely on drawing cards for the turn and finally I got stuff I needed. Then I got a full bench and also a Jumpluff. I knocked out the Leafeon and he only had one other pokemon which I could 1 shot. So of course he puts down another basic. He did this 2 or three times and then I knocked them all out and won.

Round 2
Speed Machamp. Trainer heavy and without trainers it goes really slow. So I don’t have a Spiritomb and then he uses a few trainers and gets out a machamp. He gets an energy on it and knocks out whatever it was that was active. So I send out a Jumpluff and attack him. I kill his and eventually somehow we both end up having no energy and can’t do anything. So I then finally  get an energy and beat him.

Round 3
So we got back from lunch and then the pairings went up.  So of course I end up playing Grafton Roll. Not much I could have done that game. I started with a Sunkern which as we all know is the best card in the world to start with. So I go first. I draw and end my turn. He starts does 2 setup then a couple communication drops a bts and gets a Nidoqueen. He attaches a Rainbow energy and mega punch for game.

Round 4
So it is the last round that we play before top 2. I start with garbage and kind of recover. Not really because I keep drawing crap and worthless supporters like palmers. I got out a Jumpluff or 2 but I started out so bad I had no hope. So I lost.

For the day I went 2-2 which isn’t bad but isn’t very good. I made fifth and my brother made 4th giving him 2 packs. He also went 2-2. Overall it was a pretty good day and we all had fun. My dad played the same deck I did and played  4 fire decks out of 6 rounds. Still it was fun and the first tournament of the year that we went to.