Friday working

I meant to post yesterday, but was too busy trying to get some sponsors from local places. No luck.

Also my older brother left for camp and we had to run around for that.

I also sent out more emails than I can count to local places. I got a few replies, the majority were negative. Though 2 were positive that they would see if they could help.

Tomorrow we have a league we go to, I am going to ask the shop if they will sponsor me, there is another shop just down the road we will go to as well.

The league that my dad runs meets in the library, so obviously that is not helpful.

I got a letter from my old school’s principal, I got a perfect score on the FCAT Reading portion, which is nice.

This school year I am doing Florida Virtual school, regretfully I started early and have been doing assignments as well this week. Not sure why, but my teacher has been making submit multiple assignments every day.

Thanks again everyone for your support!