Day 4 – Where are the Patrats?

Today in the Unova region I was again looking around in the ruins. After not finding much to do in there I decided to go outside and look around some more. While I was doing that I found a few more people that I had not battled before.

FreakyAfter defeating them I decided to go back to the ruins and level up some of my Pokemon. While in there I did not find anything new or any new Pokemon. but surely I am missing some. Although finding a Yamask every battle is fun it is not as fun as finding something like a Patrat.

So I end my adventure in the ruins again hoping to find a Patrat.

Day 3 – The dry desert

Today as I explored the Unova region I was somewhere in the desert. Lots of sandstorms here so most of my Pokemon get hurt by them. The desert is pretty big and doesn’t have much in it other than some ruins and a lot of trainers to battle.

Desert Nurse

Can you heal me?

As I was battling wild Pokemon and also trainers my Pokemon were fainting quite fast. Luckily there is a nurse at the front of the desert who will heal your Pokemon. I finally decided to go to the ruins and see what I could find is there. There was not much other than some trainers and some annoying Pokemon. After doing all of this I finally decided to stop while I was inside the ruins.

Day 1 – Route 4

Patrats are masters at TackleDay 1

Dear diary, today I was exploring Route 4 of the Unova region and stumbled upon a very rare pokemon called Patrat. It was a challenge to defeat it. They are very strong and very good at using tackle. True pros. Along with Patrats I found a Riolu. I thought about catching it and came to the conclusion that I should. It looked lonely. After all this excitement I had to stop playing. It was enough for one day so I ended my day on route 4.