Finally!! My Worlds Report

Okay as you know the only reason that I got to this tournament is because you guys helped me out. Otherwise I would not have made it so thanks a million. Really I just can not thank everyone enough!

HI Lava

Hawaii is not as green as you think, at least Kona is not.

So we got up that morning and left to go to the hotel for the tournament really early. The road was pretty straight and it took us about an hour to get to the Hilton Resort. Once we got there I did early registration and since we were about an hour and a half early we found some of our friends and started talking to them.

Then the opening ceremonies started and we went into the main room. The video that they showed was so loud that it made the room rumble and many people cover their ears. So after that the rosters were up and then the pairings. So here is what it was like: Continue reading