Day 12 – A little Paperwork

Today as I explored the Unova region I started out in the Battle Company. I left the battle company and went into a building where they do nothing but take surveys.

The girl there asked me if I wanted to answer some surveys before I left. I agreed and it turns out she wanted me to answer about 8 surveys.

After finally completing the surveys I went back outside and decided to end my adventure in Castelia City.

Day 12 – Mighty Tranquill

Today as I explored the Unova region I decided to look around inside some cities. I went to Castelia City and went into the Battle Company. When I entered I was given an Exp. Share which is very handy!

After the janitor who gave me that went up the elevator I followed him. I went onto the 47th floor and battled a lot of trainers. None of them could defeat my mighty Tranquill though. After that I went onto another floor which had the janitor on it.

Apparently the owner of the Battle Company is his grandson. So I battled him and then he got mad when I defeated him. After that I decided that I would stop my adventure at the Battle Company.

Day 11 – Clay one shots my team

Today as I explored the Unova region I started out in Driftveil City. I decided to go into the gym and challenge the gym leader Clay. The gym was very dark and you move on conveyor belts. I had to battle a few people since I ran into them but defeated them easily. Finally I found Clay.

I Began to battle him and defeated his first two Pokémon with ease. However his last Pokémon was an Excadrill. I never thought that Excadrills were strong but apparently his is. He got critical hits on every one of my Pokémon and beat me.

After going to the Pokémon Center I decided to end my adventure for the day there.

Day 10 – A Deerling for all Seasons

As I explored the Unova region today I started out on Route 6. I walked along until I found a lab. Outside of the lab was a scientist that wanted to battle. So I battled him. He had 1 Pokémon making it very easy to defeat him. After defeating him I went inside of the Season Research Lab.

I loved the 4 Swords Deerling Game!

I discovered that the scientists inside are obsessed with Deerlings since they had 4 of them in there.

Deerling change how they look depending on what season it is. After looking around the lab I went outside and found a Moonstone right next to the lab. After Picking it up I decided to end my journey for the day next to the Season Research Lab.

Day 9 – Is that an item?

As I explored the Unova region today I started on Route 6. I was battling my way through wild Pokémon so I could get to the trainer I saw ahead. After battling and defeating the trainer I saw something on the ground so I decided to go and pick it up.

Apparently I can’t tell the difference between an item and a Foongus. So I battled another Foongus and defeated it with ease. After that I found an elixir right by it so I decided to end my journey for the day on Route 6.

Day 8 – A Foongus among us

As I explored the Unova region today I started out next to the motorcyclist Charles. I looked around Driftveil City a little longer and then went out onto Route 6 to see if there were any trainers to battle. Almost immediately I found a wild Foongus.

A Foongus among us. WRONG, this is not a Foongus!!

This fearsome Foongus poisoned my Pokémon so I had to go back to the Pokémon Center to heal up. After healing I went back to Route 6 and found a trainer. She was very easy to defeat so it did not take me very long to move on. I found another trainer who liked rain apparently. She had a Castform which is an odd Pokémon. It hurt one of my Pokémon very badly but I defeated it before it could defeat my Pokémon. After this I decided that it was a good place to stop my adventures for the day.

Day 7 – You got another thing coming

As I explored the Unova region today I started out on the Driftveil Drawbridge. I crossed the rather lame bridge on my bike and entered into Driftveil City.

I went to the Pokemon Center and healed up and then looked around the city. As I looked around I found Charles the motorcyclist riding his motorcycle next to a building. Apparently riding a motorcycle in a city between a wall and a building is a good idea.

Anyway he was saying the same things he did last time so I battled him again and defeated him. After defeating him I decided to stop my journey right there next to Charles.

Day 6 – Born to be wild

Today as I explored the Unova region I found a motorcyclist named Charles that was in my way so I couldn’t cross the Driftveil Drawbridge. He was battling another trainer but decided that he wanted to battle me instead. Charles is a great guy and all but all he talks about is being a heartbreaker.

I battled him and lost a few Pokemon but still defeated him. I was then able to cross the Driftveil Drawbridge. While I was on the bridge I caught a Ducklett. After that I decided that defeating Charles and catching a Ducklett were enough for one day so I stopped on the Driftveil Drawbridge.

Day 5 – A day at the park

Today as I explored the Unova region I started out in the desert. After battling some more wild Pokémon I decided that is was time to battle the gym leader in Nimbasa City. I walked into the city and went to the right to go to the gym.

Apparently the gym leader wasn’t in the gym but was at the roller coaster. So I went to the roller coaster and battled some trainers but the gym leader Elesa had gone back to the gym. So I went back to the gym and battled the trainers that were testing me to see if I was good enough to battle the gym leader.

So I defeated them and battled the gym leader. I used my Trapinch because it was an electric gym and electric is weak to ground. I defeated every one of her Pokémon with ease. I received the bolt badge gym badge and then stopped for the day.

Day 4 – Where are the Patrats?

Today in the Unova region I was again looking around in the ruins. After not finding much to do in there I decided to go outside and look around some more. While I was doing that I found a few more people that I had not battled before.

FreakyAfter defeating them I decided to go back to the ruins and level up some of my Pokemon. While in there I did not find anything new or any new Pokemon. but surely I am missing some. Although finding a Yamask every battle is fun it is not as fun as finding something like a Patrat.

So I end my adventure in the ruins again hoping to find a Patrat.