Finally!! My Worlds Report

Okay as you know the only reason that I got to this tournament is because you guys helped me out. Otherwise I would not have made it so thanks a million. Really I just can not thank everyone enough!

HI Lava

Hawaii is not as green as you think, at least Kona is not.

So we got up that morning and left to go to the hotel for the tournament really early. The road was pretty straight and it took us about an hour to get to the Hilton Resort. Once we got there I did early registration and since we were about an hour and a half early we found some of our friends and started talking to them.

Then the opening ceremonies started and we went into the main room. The video that they showed was so loud that it made the room rumble and many people cover their ears. So after that the rosters were up and then the pairings. So here is what it was like:

Round 1:  Cursegar


This is a view from the floor where the Juniors played. You can’t really tell, but it was in a pit. I did not like how we were split up when we played. My dad said it reminded him of a Vegas lounge act.

I got a bad hand and the thing that saved me was that I had a Luxray X and I brought up the kid’s Claydols and the fact that I got 4 heads with Super Scoop Up helped a ton. Eventually after stalling I recovered and he had a Gengar on his bench and it had an expert belt and 2 energies on it and since it was a Cursegar killing the thing would hurt a lot. So I did a Bright Look and brought up the Gengar, did a poke turn and then sent up a Jumpluff and killed it. Then I won the game because he couldn’t stop the one shots.

Round 2: Blazeray
Not much to say really because I got beat so fast but basically I started with a Luxray GL and a Roserade GL and could only draw Super Scoop Ups or Poke Turn. He won with a Uxie Lv.X.

Round 3: Gengar C
This game I started with garbage and my opponent did not which sucked for me but he only got out a Garchomp C Lv.X to start with so I could  have a little bit of time for recovery and I did recover. I almost beat the kid when I recovered but he got out some more basics and tried to stall for time but everything that he had out I could kill in one hit.

Round 4: Luxchomp
It was kind of funny that out of all the kids there that I had to play the kid I beat in top 16 at Nationals. This time he killed 2 of my belted Pokémon and I didn’t even take a prize card. My Prizes were 2 Skiplooms, an Uxie, a Pokedex, a Night Maintenance, and a Luxray GL. If I could have drawn a Night Maintenance or a Rare Candy I might have been able to at least make it a game, but I was pretty far behind on prizes so. So I lost that game. That is the kind of game that I hate to lose because if I could’ve drawn anything I might have been able to at least do something. Like on time at a tournament (Titusville
City) I was playing a Gyrados and 2 Magikarps and my Azelf were prized. There was nothing I could’ve done.


By the end of the 4th round the place was freezing. So between rounds I sat on a hot rock to warm up.

Round 5: Donphan
I almost killed his Phanpy on my first turn but I was 10 short. So he got out a Donphan and had an extremely light bench and Jumpluff needs the opponent to have a heavy bench but didn’t happen this game. So I had to last as long as I could and had to hit for about 60 every time and that made it take a long time to KO his Donphans . Eventually I managed to win but it was a pain.

Round 6: Luxchomp
I started with an okay hand but it nothing great. I don’t know how good the girls hand was but it seemed decent. I killed her Ambipom G with my Roserade GL on the second turn. Eventually I got setup and had to make sure that she didn’t get out a Luxray to bright look my belted Jumpluff out and kill it with the Entei Raiou legend on her bench.  In the end I had to KO her Entei Raikou Legend twice which is how I won the game.

Round 7: Luxpluff/mirror match
I went first and the kid got out a Jumpluff out on his first turn. I got out a Jumpluff also and killed his Jumpluff. We exchanged prizes for a while and eventually I won by taking too many prize cards too fast and by the time he recovered I had pretty much won the game.



For the day I went 5-2 and they said that they were going to have top 32. It turns out they had top 16. I made 17th which is great at least I got there had a winning record and got a lot of stuff for top 32. It was a surprise that I made it there at all. Overall it was a good trip but the tournament was like a big states and half of the time they didn’t tell you when the rounds started but still at least I made it. I couldn’t have made it without you guys.

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