Day 5 – A day at the park

Today as I explored the Unova region I started out in the desert. After battling some more wild Pokémon I decided that is was time to battle the gym leader in Nimbasa City. I walked into the city and went to the right to go to the gym.

Apparently the gym leader wasn’t in the gym but was at the roller coaster. So I went to the roller coaster and battled some trainers but the gym leader Elesa had gone back to the gym. So I went back to the gym and battled the trainers that were testing me to see if I was good enough to battle the gym leader.

So I defeated them and battled the gym leader. I used my Trapinch because it was an electric gym and electric is weak to ground. I defeated every one of her Pokémon with ease. I received the bolt badge gym badge and then stopped for the day.