Day 12 – Mighty Tranquill

Today as I explored the Unova region I decided to look around inside some cities. I went to Castelia City and went into the Battle Company. When I entered I was given an Exp. Share which is very handy!

After the janitor who gave me that went up the elevator I followed him. I went onto the 47th floor and battled a lot of trainers. None of them could defeat my mighty Tranquill though. After that I went onto another floor which had the janitor on it.

Apparently the owner of the Battle Company is his grandson. So I battled him and then he got mad when I defeated him. After that I decided that I would stop my adventure at the Battle Company.

Day 11 – Clay one shots my team

Today as I explored the Unova region I started out in Driftveil City. I decided to go into the gym and challenge the gym leader Clay. The gym was very dark and you move on conveyor belts. I had to battle a few people since I ran into them but defeated them easily. Finally I found Clay.

I Began to battle him and defeated his first two Pokémon with ease. However his last Pokémon was an Excadrill. I never thought that Excadrills were strong but apparently his is. He got critical hits on every one of my Pokémon and beat me.

After going to the Pokémon Center I decided to end my adventure for the day there.