Day 8 – A Foongus among us

As I explored the Unova region today I started out next to the motorcyclist Charles. I looked around Driftveil City a little longer and then went out onto Route 6 to see if there were any trainers to battle. Almost immediately I found a wild Foongus.

A Foongus among us. WRONG, this is not a Foongus!!

This fearsome Foongus poisoned my Pokémon so I had to go back to the Pokémon Center to heal up. After healing I went back to Route 6 and found a trainer. She was very easy to defeat so it did not take me very long to move on. I found another trainer who liked rain apparently. She had a Castform which is an odd Pokémon. It hurt one of my Pokémon very badly but I defeated it before it could defeat my Pokémon. After this I decided that it was a good place to stop my adventures for the day.