The Upcoming Week

So this week for this website I am going to write a ton of letters to people to try to get them to sponsor me to get to worlds. I will probably make some phone calls too. Emails will be sent out and basically I’m going to be working my butt off. It will be a lot of work but as long as I can get there I’m fine with doing a ton of work.

I will be writing a few articles daily even stuff that most people that don’t play Pokémon won’t understand but there will always be something that those people can understand. I would also like to thank the people who have already sponsored me for helping me out. On Monday the site will have new articles and that is when the site will really get going.

Overall I hope that this week will really get things going and will get some more sponsors. I like Pokémon a ton so that’s why I’m doing this site. I would appreciate it if you could sponsor me. Thanks!